I have recently brought my passion for photography to Stockholm and what a wonderful city it is to work and live! However, just because I'm new to Sweden doesn't mean I have less to offer, oh no! 
My speciality is newborn photography; I love everything from their delicate fingers and toes to their tired little yawns. There is just something so special about sharing those first few days with somebody's precious newborn and producing photographs which will be kept for years to come.  

I now proudly own my first small home studio where both newborn sessions and young baby sessions take place. It is ideal for both for you to come along, relax, have some fun and enjoy some fika whilst I produce some beautiful images of your baby. 

I have also spent the last few years, back in Scotland, teaching people photography and this is another passion of mine. Its a real feel-good-feeling to watch your students grow with both excitement and confidence during your guidance. Showing them the ways of photography through their own cameras.