Stop them from growing up far too fast!

The perfect way to celebrate the newest member of your family is, of course, capturing those first moments. There is no better way to hold onto those first few days than to photograph your newborn... because we all know they grow up far too fast!

What to expect:

Newborn sessions are much longer than other photo-sessions, so preparing for your babies photoshoot is an important job for any parent. Bellow I have listed a few tips and pointers that I hope will help:

  • It is Important to feed your baby about an hour before the photoshoot and ensure they are fully winded. This will help your newborn settle into the session a lot faster.

  • Please, also ensure to bring plenty of feeds for your baby. (If you are breast feeding, perhaps expressing some milk especially for the session may help minimise moving your newborn too often).

  • If your newborn requires any medicine, please bring this along too - just incase it is needed.

  • It is also possible to personalise your newborn's photoshoot. Although I have plenty of props, headbands and blankets in my studio to add variety to your images maybe you too want to bring along some of your own?

  • I feel it is important to mention that I keep my studio nice and warm so although us adults will be feeling rather hot your baby will be comfortable and cosy.

Once your newborn photoshoot is finished, I will edit up to 30 images over the following few weeks. We will then set a new date for you to come back, view and choose the images you would like include in your package. Please get in contact for a full price list and all the packages.

Book in advance:

The perfect age for your newborn to be photographed is between day 4 and day 10 as during these first few days your baby is will be at their most sleepy point. It is during this time I am able to comfortably pose your baby into all of those beautiful bendy positions, whilst your child is still content and happy for this to happen.
Beyond ten days, it is still possible for your newborn to be photographed. However at this stage babies become more aware of the world around them. Therefore, as each day goes by, it is important to keep in mind that after this point it becomes much harder to position your baby due to a more interrupted sleep.

With this in mind, I always suggest, getting in touch with me during your pregnancy. This way I can offer you more information about your photoshoot along side the ability to book a flexible photoshoot date based on your due date, so you can have the peace of mind that you have a secure booking before your new arrival.